I’m currently a General Partner at Benchmark. I’m also a long time blogger, first at Adventurista from Dec 2006-Oct 2015, and then on Medium @sarahtavel where I still publish the posts that take me a bit more time to think through and write (or in some cases, write and think through). You can see a list of the frameworks I’ve published there here: https://medium.com/@sarahtavel/frameworks-12c220e775eb

I’d spend hours and hours on posts for my Medium, and it was creating a mental block for me to write more consistently. This newsletter is my attempt to do so.

In today’s age of unpredictable algorithm changes, I see more and more how important it is to have a connection to your own readers. So thank you for subscribing.

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Hi! I'm Sarah Tavel. I've been writing since 2006. This newsIetter is something new I'm trying and I hope will become my new permanent home. Will share thoughts on tech trends, company building, and startups generally.


Blogging since 2006. New on Substack. GP @benchmark. formerly: product @pinterest. vc @greylockvc, @bessemervp.